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The WooSong Foundation was created
in honor of Grandmaster Sang Chul Lee
by dedicated and loyal taekwondo students.


Many years ago, Grandmaster Lee created his own nickname in Korean so that people could refer to him also by his nickname. This nickname is “Woosong.”  In Korean “Woo” means “want to be friends” or “friend.”  In Korean “Song” means “pine tree” or “evergreen.” The evergreen tree is a symbol of strength and stability. Flowers are very beautiful but the beauty lasts only for a short time before dying. The evergreen tree holds the same beauty for all four seasons of the year.



Due to its strength evergreens are also used for construction of homes and buildings and serve as the pillar for the foundation. Grandmaster Lee combined the two words to create a new word:  “WooSong,” which means loyalty, friendship, stability and strength. Therefore Grandmaster Lee’s nickname is “WooSong.”


To honor his legacy and blend the American and Korean Martial Art, the WooSong Foundation was created. It is an official 501(c)3 under the IRS code and will provide taekwondo scholarship opportunities for deserving individuals not just in Colorado Springs but around the United States and worldwide.

Who are we?

The WooSong Foundation board is an independent  and committed group of Taekwondo enthusiasts and students working together to further and expand Grandmaster Sang Chul Lee's dream: to provide Taekwondo scholarships to deserving children and adults.


Changing lives and

building better citizens,

the Taekwondo Way



Meet Our Board

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